Balfour Beatty AGM Film

When all we had were a bunch of low resolution footage some of which were clips no longer than 2-3 seconds, and a couple of stills we embarked on the task to create as good a film as possible out of them. From the beginning RY wanted to use floating panels approach to display images. This helped a lot with what we had to work with. Captions also needed to be on screen throughout the piece. In a day editors roughed out the footage they had onto a time line then they delivered to us all the clips and we began to build the animation in After Effects.

We were extremely happy with the end result and felt there is more to be explored with this in the future.

Screened at Balfour Beatty AGM meeting, the film was a successful collaboration with Radley Yeldar.


Balfour Beatty AGM film  ( 2min 12sec )

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