This new Channel 4 series sees Embarrassing Bodies‘ Dr Dawn Harper team up with paediatrician Dr Ravi Jayaram.  The doctors offer much-needed assistance to families who believe that their child’s conduct has a clinical cause, such as ADHD or autism, and find them a diagnosis, be it a medical condition or more common behavioural issues.

Our approach to the graphics on this show was to try to keep them grounded in the world the children occupied and blend them seemlessly into the show. To do this we recreated scenes that sandwiched the graphics by matching items in the backgrounds and even buying large pieces of carpet then sprinkling them with just the right ammount of crumbs.

In other sequences we took a drawing the doctor was using to interact with a child and then animated it to come to life to tell the story.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (34sec)

Autism GFX prores (43sec)

Honey Tick Boxs prores (33sec)

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (28sec)

Autism Spectrum Spores (20sec)

ADHD GFX Spores (53sec)