Channel 4 has commissioned a new fixed rig Features format Britain at Dinner, which will take a fly-on-the-wall look at how we cook and eat as a nation while providing an insight into the very heart and soul of British life.

The kitchen is the epicentre of many households and this format will reveal what people are really rustling up behind closed kitchen doors, as well as capturing the battles over who’s ‘head chef’ and what we discuss, between mouthfuls, at dinner tables in every corner of British society.

Britain at Dinner will pull up a chair and live meal-by-meal with a smorgasbord of extraordinarily ‘foodie’ families from obsessive amateur chefs and competitive home cooks to families who spend all day in the kitchen feeding their super-sized families. The format will reveal the meals we love to cook as a nation, as well as showing the part food plays in home life and how relationships are often tested in the heat of the kitchen.

The format is about food’s purpose at home beyond nutrition. Food is the force that brings families together and the kitchen is a focal point for household interaction, so being a fly on the kitchen wall is a real portal to funny and touching moments of British home life.

  To keep in line with the fun and family feel of the show we animated a sequence of a family of different foods coming on screen to create the English flag.

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