Spotlight is a  bespoke analytics tool that allows audit teams to look for unusual trends and anomalies within large sets of data. Spotlight can process huge numbers of journals for our audit clients, and this year we used the technology to review over one billion client journals. While the value of this level of scrutiny can never truly be measured, it helps assure annual reports are accurate, robust and of high quality.

When approaching the design we wanted to steer away from something that was graphically to heavy. As we’re basically informing the viewer about a piece of software it was important to make the film not feel too impersonal.

The concept of ‘navigating fierce waters’ was developed which gave us our first visual clue. We began by designing the water and ship and from their expanded into the rest of the world.

With a timescale of around 7 days the line drawings would be more difficult to animate than going for a simpler graphic style but Deloitte were excited by what they saw and so we just went for it.

The end result was a fluid film that flows through the narrative and informs the viewer in a visually stimulating way

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Deloitte Spotlight (2min20sec)