Student Alpha Animations

Cumi bring to life 4 tales (which i suspect are true life stories) to integrate into the Student Alpha course held at St Pauls Onslow Square in 2009. We designed and animated the series of 4 animations and used traditional hand drawing techniques to bring to life the characters.

EPISODE ONE - The Tale Of Blondin

Tells the true life story of Jean-François Gravelet (aka Blondin) Born 28 February 1824. He was a famous tightrope walker especially owing his celebrity and fortune to his idea of crossing the gorge below Niagara Falls on a tightrope, 1100 feet (335 m) long, 3¼ inches in diameter, 160 feet (50 m) above the water. The Tale Of Blondin illustrates how anyone can say they trust but only those who truly believe it will dare to put their lives in anothers hands.

EPISODE TWO - My Beloved Son

Tells the story of Baron Fitzgerald. A wealth man who loved his son dearly yet after His son dies he is stricken was grief and does something rather unusual with his Last Will and Testament.

EPISODE THREE - The Two Friends

From the talk 'Why Did Jesus Die?' This illustration reminds us that God did not just leave us to sort ourselves out but sent his Son to take our place and pay the penalty himself.


A man finds a young boy trying to save thousands of stranded starfish dying in the heat of the sun.

This story illustrates the point that it’s better to make the difference to one persons life (or Starfish if you will) than to not bother at all.


Episode One, ‘The Tale of Blondin’  ( 2min 12sec )

Episode Two, ‘My Beloved Son’  ( 1min 56sec )

Episode Three, ‘The Two Friends’  ( 1min 31sec )

Episode Four, ‘Starfish’  ( 1min 15sec )

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