Nature’s Fury Title Sequence ( 2min 37sec )


Nature’s Fury

Mother Nature is more powerful than any man-made bomb and is more ferocious and destructive than any army.

Film-maker and adventurer Chris Terrill is fascinated by extreme situations and in this brand-new series for ITV1 he confronts nature head-on, going right to the core of the world’s greatest storms to explore unique human experiences of severe weather.

Without a crew, Chris goes alone, with just his camera, into life-threatening situations, confronting high-speed tornados, ferocious hurricanes and deadly fire storms.

And he meets the people who live and work in the path of these killer natural forces.

Nature’s Fury is an ITV Studios and Upper Cut Films production for ITV1. Chris Terrill is the series producer and the executive producer is Will Smith.

Cumi created and filmed the title sequence plus did approximately ten animated map sequences for the three programmes, Hurricane, Tornado and Fire storm.

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Nature’s Fury Map Sequences  ( 2min 37sec )