KHBBS Game Play Trailers

Kingdom Hearts is an action role-playing game that combines Final Fantasy-style aesthetics with recognisable Disney worlds. Birth by Sleep is set before the events of the original Kingdom Hearts.

Birth by Sleep follows three separate story lines. At the beginning, players choose between three different characters: Terra, Ventus and Aqua. These three Keyblade wielders (and close friends) are tasked with defeating the recent uprising of creatures known as the Unversed. Along the way, they'll encounter some familiar faces and a few new threats.

Working closely alongside Deuces David Standen we adopted artwork from the two Kingdom Hearts websites and created a world in which we could screen game play.

Often game play trailers, especially for PSP and Nintendo DS games can be extremely duel and although you want to let the footage speak for itself in this instance we decided it was best to brand the trailer like the website and make it something enjoyable and engaging to watch as well as give you exclusive glimpses of the game.


Focuses on introducing the three main characters of KHBBS. Ventus, Tera and Aqua.


Introduces a brief range of some of the Key worlds available in the new game.


‘All out Attack’, displays an array of battles between our three main characters and the bad guys. It also shows how the player can use Deck Commands, Shotlocks and combos to inflict massive damage upon your enemies


Dimension Link System displays how you can utilise the powers of Disney characters you meet and once combined with your own powers you can perform a vast number of unique attack moves. This trailer also introduces a new character to the game ‘Pete’


Shows the player the range of multiplayer battles that can be had. From Arena mode to rumble racing and puzzle games.

Kingdom Hearts is a vast game and has an endless amount of fight moves developed in it’s deck command systems and dimension  link systems. The final 5 trailers were released at intervals to drum up more interest for the game. All trailers were produced in 5 languages. English,Spanish, German, French and Italian.


Trailer One, ‘Characters of KHBBS’  ( 1min 44sec )

Trailer Two, ‘Worlds Of KHBBS’  ( 1min 56sec )

Trailer Three, ‘All Out Attack’  ( 1min 31sec )

Trailer Four, ‘Dimension Link System’  ( 1min 15sec )

Trailer Four, ‘Multiplayer Fun’  ( 1min 15sec )

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