Restore The Earth


We worked closely with writer/director Luke Bradford, head of Frogspawn Creatives and also the

Restore the Earth team to produce this 30second advert to play at a music festival in Hyde Park and spark more interest in both charities. Voiced by Joanna Lumley this short advert tells the story of two neighbours, Freddy Footprint and Harry Hand print.


Restore The Earth  ( 1min 15sec )

Will you do something to leave a positive mark on the world?

This campaign is about working to restore the great ecosystems around the planet; forests, oceans, freshwater, tundra, corals and the soils - they are the greatest allies we have for our future, to give us a better quality of life, clean air, food security, pure water and to fight climate change. The campaign message is simple - we can all do something positive and play our part in the vital effort to restore the planet’s eco-systems. Yes governments, companies need to act, but we are not waiting for them. If enough of us get involved, a truly grass-roots movement will grow.

Hands Up for the Earth!

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