Today’s supply chains are global, complex and involve many parties. Securing them and preventing illicit trade requires a coordinated, international response underpinned by proven, cost-effective technology solutions that work across national borders.

The Digital Coding & Tracking Association promotes technical standards and digital solutions designed to secure supply chains for excisable fast moving consumer goods, such as tobacco and alcohol.

DCTA’S new development has been tracking and tracing technology which enables electronic monitoring of products as they move forwards through the supply chain and the tracing backwards of their journey history to identify potential points of diversion. It is a simple solution to monitor deliver acrivity.

We created a high-production-values animation to tell DCTA’s story in a compelling but informative way. This provided a fluid, dynamic medium for conveying big-picture impact as well as deep-level detail within a single frame of reference. To achieve this we designed and implemented a rich 3D animation style, which segued into 2D sections to explain specific sub-topic areas. To enable that ‘swooping’ view of global trade, we referenced the title sequence from The Game of Thrones. This gave it attention-grabbing immediacy to develop the scale and complexity of the solution and its benefits.

The final film won a Silver award, at Cannes 2015 Corporate Media & TV Awards

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Track and trace (3min43sec)