Eight minutes of animation in six days.  Cumi worked round the clock to deliver a set of three three minute animations in just seven days.

After being briefed on the nature of the project we spent a day planning and designing before launching head long into the production of the animations. We wanted each one to have a unique style. The most ambitious of the three was definitely the UK one which we decided to create entirely hand drawn because we wanted to.

Each animation takes place in different parts of the world (India, UK and south korea) which would demonstrate how other companies utilise mobile phone technology to advertise to consumers and build their brands. They targeted developing markets, developing markets and future markets, represented by South Korea as a vision of the future. These animations then made up a focal point of their ‘Small Actions, Big Difference’ conference attended by their top 110  global sales persons.

Each animation acted as a springboard describing to the teams untapped areas of future business and advertising.

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India Animation ( 2min 30sec )

Korea Animation  ( 3min 15sec )

UK Mums Animation  ( 2min 30sec )