A group of Britain’s bravest heroes find themselves on the front line of an entirely different battle in this two-part special. An inspiring documentary, War Torn chronicles the experiences of injured British service personnel as they embark on the journey of a lifetime, scaling the Everest region of the Himalayas.

The 80-man Khumbu Challenge expedition recreates a military environment and is part of a five-year initiative to help rehabilitate members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines. Drawing on their courage, these men are determined to overcome their individual adversities, whether it’s the loss of limbs, a facial disfigurement or mental trauma. And although not everyone will complete this arduous task, the solidarity between this band of brothers is awe inspiring.

Their stories also provide insight into the often overlooked issue of what happens when military men, who have experienced indescribable horrors in Afghanistan and Iraq, return to civilian life. War Torn focuses on how these individuals recover from their wounds, be they appalling physical injuries or emotional scars.

Cumi designed and animated all the maps for the two episodes working also with Undabo.

Screened Tuesday 22 & Wednesday 23 December 9pm on Sky1 HD & Sky1, this was an incredible true life story inspiring hope over the christmas season.


Map Sequence One, Part One  (  27sec )

Map Sequence Two, Part One  ( 18sec )

Map Sequence Three, Part Two ( 22sec )

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